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This course is indispensable for those who do or manage parts cleaning work. It's indispensable because parts cleaning is indispensable to modern manufacturing, or maintenance.

Whether you do parts cleaning, manage those who do it, or have to live with their work product, this course will provide you with excellent value. It may help your firm retain business, and the jobs of those who work in that business.

The Surface Finishing Academy is proud to provide this opportunity to learn from and interact with world-renowned professional independent consultant, educator, author, and columnist John B. Durkee, Ph.D., P.E. This two-day course will cover a broad range of content, with plenty of opportunity for rigorous 1:1 and small-group interaction on topics of special interest to attendees. Attendance will be limited to 15. There will be three short written and one oral quiz to review understanding of the course material. Participants are urged to bring difficult-to-clean, -rinse, or -dry parts for analysis and discussion.

The theme of the first day is: How Cleaning Processes Are Supposed to Work - And What To Do When They Don't

The theme of the second day is: How to Select, Purchase, and Use Cleaning Machines; and Manage Change in a Finishing Organization

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Dr. Durkee normally teaches this course at the Annual Southern Metal Finishing Conference, and other affiliated occasions and also writes monthly columns for Metal Finishing Magazine,Controlled Environments (U.S.), Galvanotechnik (Europe), and Surface Finishing Journal (China).


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